Re: My $0.02 about scripting

Subject: Re: My $0.02 about scripting
From: Jeremy Sheeley (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 08:46:43 CDT

I know that I'm relatively new here, but I'm going to have to agree with
Bob Sievers that we shouldn't worry about scripting right now. It's a
decision that can be put off until later (post 1.0). At that later time
some great things might be in place that will make the decision easy:

1. Enough developers are working on AbiWord that we have the cycles to
spend getting scripting done correctly and securely.
2. A community-wide, cross-platform, embeddable, scripting language
could emerge and become the easy choice for scripting. Hey, it could
3. All of the millions of AbiWord users could realize that scripting
isn't absolutely necessary and freely trade it in for a stable, speedy
word processor.

In general, scripting falls into one of two categories for me:

Was designed/integrated into the product very early: sawmill, emacs,
Was bagged onto the product at a later date: MS Word

Scripting in AbiWord is nowhere near as useful as a speedy, stable word


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