Re: Make problems

Subject: Re: Make problems
From: Jesper Skov (
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 14:56:21 CDT

>>>>> "Pierre" == Pierre Abbat <> writes:

Pierre> Every time I update AbiWord from CVS, make, and make install,
Pierre> I get a segfault when I run it. I checked before the last time
Pierre> I made (which was today) that there were no files owned by
Pierre> root in the abi directory. Why does this happen? I should not
Pierre> have to make realclean every time I update the source!

Because there are no proper dependencies used to keep track of what
needs rebuilding after files change.

So whenever some class gains (or loses) a new method/member, clients
of that class may be using wrong offsets when calling methods (and
thus likely causing a crash).


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