Quick Reading of abiword-dev Archives -- Mass Download?

Subject: Quick Reading of abiword-dev Archives -- Mass Download?
From: Randy Kramer (rhkramer@fast.net)
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 14:30:16 CDT

I've spent some time reading the abiword-dev archives, and find it too

(Hypermail seems to be a fine product for certain purposes, but AFAIK,
it is not helpful in this particular situation.)

Is there a simple way to speed up my access? For example:

1. Are the archives store anywhere in such a fashion that they are
accessible by a standard news reader, so I could, for example, download
all the headers, then tag selected notes for download?

2. Are the archives (in HTML or any other format) available tarred or
zipped (by month or year) so that I could download selected months or
years in there entirety?

3. Other suggestions?

4. The one way I have found to make things somewhat faster is to use Net
Vampire, download the "index" page for a month, and capture all the
links from the index page. Suggestions for improvement?

Randy Kramer

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