Re: Scripting with Visual Basic Clone

Subject: Re: Scripting with Visual Basic Clone
From: Juan Carlos Castro y Castro (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 10:22:23 CDT

As long as you don't let them write to ~/.profile or something like that...

Computing without a condom regards

Ash wrote:

> I have been looking around for some cross platform visual basic clones, to use
> for macro scripting. I think this would be very handy for people migrating from
> word, and would also make opening word documents with macros much easier.
> I found one called script basic, that can be found here:
> There are quite a few others, and they can be found on freshmeat. Maybe they
> would be a good option for macros and scripting, as there a lot of
> people(potential users) already familiar with VB syntax and usage.
> Ash.

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