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Subject: Re: Scripting
From: Mike Meyer (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 03:31:03 CDT

Aaron Lehmann writes:
> > Aaron Lehmann writes:
> > > > I'd propose CORBA. The language is *not* imbedded in application. It's
> > > You know, I like this idea. I think it's a really productive disucssion
> > > when people come up with better solutions than the original posters. I
> > > knew about CORBA, but I didn't put two and two together to come up with
> > > the idea as a solution.
> > CORBA could make the Unix desktop an *incredible* environment, if
> > enough people used it.
> Forgive my scepticism, but GNOME is heavily dependant on CORBA and I don't
> see it as being very extensible via external programming
> languages...except possibly basic scripting in Gnumeric.

That's because almost nobody is using it :-(. Last time I looked,
Gnumeric was the just about it, and it was pretty primitive.

> > How'd you like to use AbiWord as the editor
> > portion of an IDE?
> Not very much. Although it would be rather simple with Gtk/XEmacs and
> AbiWord's GTK port.

I'd be interested in more information about that - though that should
go offline.

> > Given an IDE that can be configured to look for an
> > "editor" CORBA object, and AbiWord with such an object exported, it
> > could happen. (For those into the obscure, the SAS C compiler came
> > with an IDE that did this kind of thing, though I don't know if anyone
> > configured a word processor for the editor part).
> If CORBA does embedding, why does GNOME need the bonobo framework?

CORBA doesn't do embedding; it's a distributed object tool. It can be
used for embedding, but there needs to be a standard on top of CORBA
that describes the APIs of embedable objects, and the UI used for

If you'd like, I could talk about some of the things I do with a
window manager that exports CORBA objects.


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