Re: New Bug: #920

Subject: Re: New Bug: #920
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 02:43:59 CDT

According to Martin Sevior <>:

> > I've logged a new bug, #920. This one describes how, when you select text
> > in one window, your selection in other windows gets canceled. This is
> > especially annoying in cases where you are changing selected text in the
> > document from a separate dialog such as Spell Check (bug 597) or the Font
> > dialog (bug 920).
> >
> > I have noticed similar behavior in other applications on my Linux machine,
> > so I'm wondering: Are these valid bugs, or is there an XWindows setting
> > that I'm not aware of which I could modify in order to fix this behavior?
> >
> This is deliberate behaviour put in by hj. The idea is that you only have
> one valid highlighted area so you know what the contents of your X
> clipboard is. So if you use the middle button to deposit the contents in
> another window you know what should appear.

Perhaps we should consider et double state selection within Abiword on X ?
One state is selected and in clipboard (middle button to paste) and the
other state is simply selected but not in clipboard. This would involve
making 2 different hilighting.

Just my .02 EUR on the question.


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