lots of locale updates and a problem

Subject: lots of locale updates and a problem
From: Rui Silva - Webmaster (rms@ssi.aaum.pt)
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 18:16:14 CDT

Hi, I have here lots of locale updates, and one of them (to it-IT) is quite important, since it makes the strings.html document to alert that en-US is 99% and not 100% ;)

it-IT had a DDLG_... and since DDLG's do not exist, it-IT was the only localization handling that string, hence, the script reported it as a string not localized for en-US (and all the others)
my update makes pt-PT 100% supported (as of the build I have from a few days ago), which brings us to my problem: I having trouble viewing localized dialogs, and I do not know why.

 I run abiword with LC_ALL="pt_PT" abiword, the menus and toolbars are great, but the dialogs... only one or two strings are localized... some that SHOULD be already localized are not shown localized.

  If somebody has a hint to what I may be doing wrong, I'd appreciate that it was thrown at me with a sledge hammer :)

and, without further delay, here are the diffs.
hugs, rms

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