Re: Patch Prize winners

Subject: Re: Patch Prize winners
From: Thomas Fletcher (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 14:22:35 CDT

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000 wrote:

> For those who do not read the weekly news, I thought I would share the names of the recent patch prize winners. Everyone on this list has been sent $299 complements of SourceGear.
> Although $299 isn't a massive amount of money, it is about 6 months salary in Russia, where Alexey lives. Alexey has a well paying job, so it wasn't quite THAT much for him. Still, it was a great feeling to send that check.

 Well I'll tell you right now that the money was a very welcome
"gift" from SourceGear. Even better than the money though was
the letter (which I have sitting posted to a wall in my office)
with this sentence:

"This gift is prize money. This money should in now way be
interpreted as wages, tips, consulting fees, or other earned
Just wondering ... did you do the letter up on AbiWord?

Thomas (toe-mah) Fletcher QNX Software Systems Neutrino Development Group

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