Win32 word count dialog

Subject: Win32 word count dialog
From: Thomas Briggs (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 18:18:42 CDT

   The attached patch implements the (now modeless) word count dialog for
Win32. I know that it still has a few issues, but I'd rather get it
committed and (hopefully) get a couple people to beat on it to find the
things that I'm not seeing.
   Current issues that I'm aware of are:
   1. Tab doesn't move the focus between controls (totally lost on this
one... anybody have any ideas?)
   2. If you have more than one window open, clicking directly on the word
count dialog with the mouse brings the window from which the dialog was
opened to the front, which isn't necessarily the current window (I know why
this is wrong, but I'm not sure yet what the fix is).

   The good news is that the goto dialog looks much simpler than this one
was, so with any luck I'll have that done soon.

   One other question, while I'm at it: why are there seemingly no
accelerators defined for any of the dialogs? Is this due to the localized
text not containing the accelerator definition ('&' on Win32), or some
larger cross-platform issue?


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