Re: Internationalisation of Gnome dialogs

Subject: Re: Internationalisation of Gnome dialogs
From: Joaquín Cuenca Abela (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 09:25:11 CDT

El Mon, 19 Jun 2000, escribiste:
> Bob's report of persistent English text in the goto dialog made me realise
> there is a general problem with the Gnome dialogs. They all use stock
> Gnome buttons, which are apparently not internationalised. So a stock
> Gnome Next button says "Next", for example, and not
> Now presumably the Gnome buttons _are_ internationalisable... I would be

The text of the stock buttons have to be localized in the gnome-libs package.
Usually, the gnome sotck buttons are localized to many languages. Please, can
you test:

export LANG="fr" (for instance)

and see if the gnome stock buttons are localized to frech?
Can you try now export LANG="xx" (where xx is your favorite language),
reexecute abiword and see if it works?

In short, the gnome version DOESN'T care about the translation that Abiword
provides for the stock buttons. It only see the translation that gnome provides
(and you will turn on the localization with export LANG="xx").


Joaquín Cuenca Abela

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