Re: vector images (support in abiword docs)

Subject: Re: vector images (support in abiword docs)
From: Justin Bradford (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 05:54:01 CDT

I've made the necessary modifications so that svg data
can be stored in a abiword document, and is read in/written
out with it.

To do this, I've added two new attributes to the <d> tag:
mime-type and base64

The defaults are mime-type="image/png" and base64="yes"
(which is the current usage). SVG data is encapsulated
in a CDATA section, and looks like this:

<d dataid="foo.svg_0" mime-type="image/svg-xml" base64="no">
<svg width="3in" height="2.5in">
 <rect x="0.1in" y="0.2in" width="2in" height="1in"/>

This causes abiword to treat the contained svg data just like
it does png data, in that, it does nothing with it and just
passes it on to the Image classes which can make use of it
for display.

So now the svg data is loaded, saved, read, etc properly.
All that's left is work in af/gr/xp/gr_VectorImage.cpp to
read in the svg data and display it. We'll need to expand
the functionality of af/gr/xp/gr_Graphics, as well, however,
to get a good subset of svg going.


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