Modeless Spell.

Subject: Modeless Spell.
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 02:47:43 CDT

I've started to look at a Modeless Spell dialog and I realized that it
cannot be made to work the same as the otheres. There is too much frame
specific info in the spell dialog. So how do we deal with changing frames?

Here are some ideas.

1. Leave in the too hard to be Modeless basket for 1.0

2. Update all the spell dialog info upon changing frames. This is hard
because it means keeping track of all pointers used to scan the document.

3. Allow multiple spell dialogs each attached to its own frame. Upon
changing the frame the dialog is "greyed" out. If you want to spell check
a different frame leaving your current dialog up and running you must
start up a new spell dialog.

Of these I think I can implement "3" within a week. Of course "1" is
easiest but I believe "2" is the correct UI behaviour even though it is
fraught with potential segfaults in the implementation. If we make Spell
Modeless I think we should go with 2.

Are there other opinions on this?

Maybe I should just start bulleted lists I don't need fields for them.

Do the bullets get smaller or larger upon nesting?


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