commit - Goto dialog patch plus id_ID text

Subject: commit - Goto dialog patch plus id_ID text
From: Robert Sievers (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 19:10:09 CDT

At 09:37 PM 6/18/00 +1000, you wrote:
>The attached patch addresses my previous gripe about the text in the
>listbox of the Goto dialog not being internationalised. With this patch it
>is. I've defined three new string id's, and added code to ap_Dialog_Goto
>to load up the s_pJumpTargets[] from the string table. There were no
>changes to the platform-specific code, so presumably (hopefully!) this
>doesn't break any other platform. I've tested it on both vanilla GTK and
>Gnome builds, worked fine.
>This patch also provides the id_ID text for the new strings, as well as
>incorporating my previous patch to update the id_ID translation, so no
>need to apply both this one and my previous one (which has not been
>applied yet, AFAICS, hint, hint...). This is a good way of guaranteeing
>that my translation jumps to the top of the league in the Owen Stenseth
>table :-).

I have committed both patches. The text in the GoTo dialog box still reads
in English though. Part of the patch looked to be reversed, so we may have
to apply a new patch against the updated tree.

I reset all of my string types to id-ID and I noticed lots of English still
longering around. Most of the dialogs themselves still have English.
Also, I noticed all of the dialog titles (the text on the title bar of the
dialog window) is all English as well. Are these strings not being sent
through the translation code as they should?

>There is a once-only memory "leak" of 20 or so bytes (slightly more or
>less depending on language). I trust that doesn't offend anyone :). It's
>nice to make some "real" code changes, rather than just providing
>translated text.
>Tim Allen
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Robert Sievers
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