Re: commit -- [manifesto] no more mangling

Subject: Re: commit -- [manifesto] no more mangling
From: Mike Meyer (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 16:32:40 CDT

Aaron Lehmann writes:
> Some people who didn't agree with me sent me mail after my checkin, and
> sugested that this be made into an option. I think this is an idea
> solution. I LOVE configurable software (heck, I use emacs :)). In the
> file selection dialog box, I don't think it would work well, becuase
> every time you saved a file you would have to check the box, and it
> would be easier to just type .abw at the end.

I assume you meant "every time you save a new file", because there is
no "save file" dialog box to put it in; just the "save as" dialog that
you also get when saving a document that doesn't yet have an
associated file.

Personally, I think it's more an issue of doing what you expect than
actual behavior. If you expect the .abw to appear and it doesn't, or
you don't expect it and it does, it's annoying. As such, just adding
the checkbox solves the problem - because you've got a reminder of
what it's going to do in front of you. The default value and behavior
don't really matter much, though having it be persistent would be
nice. Setting it in the options dialog has the downside that you don't
have it there as a reminder.


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