Re: Build system

Subject: Re: Build system
From: Mike Meyer (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 15:25:02 CDT

Eric W. Sink writes:
> >On, Abi says he's (she's?)
> >pretty sure that AbiWord will transition to autoconf eventually. Are we
> >ready for this transiton? I am sick of messing with makefiles,
> Switching to autoconf will mean that you have to mess with makefiles
> more, not less. Autoconf solves a certain class of problems, but
> getting you away from make and its attendant legion of makefiles
> is *not* one of them.

I've recently been involved in a discussion of build systems
elsewhere. There are options that don't involve makefiles. Some of
these include tools that are used to build projects larger than
AbiWord on a wider variety of platforms than it currently supports. If
anyone is seriously interested in making that work, I can provide
pointers to them.

Alternatively, the BSD toolset provides a dependency generator (mkdep)
and a make that ineroperate nicely. The standard make program include
files creates a depend target that uses mkdep to do the right
thing. Doesn't the GNU toolset provide similar functionality?


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