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Subject: Re: Tab dialog
From: Glen Ruedinger (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 10:42:19 CDT

Sounded like a fun project to me as well, I was going to get started on
it several months ago and just can't seem to find the time.

My understanding from what I've looked at is there is cross platform
dialog box code with virtual functions to get data into and out of the
dialog box. It is then up to the platform specific code to implement
those functions with the specifics for there particular platform.

As I'm wanting to work on the windows side and the current code seems to
only support UNIX, I've been working on getting another machine running
Linux to support development of both platforms. That way, hopefully I
won't break either platform too bad.

If you would like, maybe we could coordinate efforts between Windows and

Aaron Lehmann wrote:
> I hacked shack's tabs dialog to be up to date with CVS. I've attached a
> diff. When I use this dialog, it doesn't really do anything. I'm assuming
> this is just a start with the UI. I would like to work on it, but I am
> quite confused about what the dialog should do and how it should work. It
> manages tabs, I suppose, but I have never used such a dialog or found a
> need for one. Is the way the interface should be defined already designed
> or can I take a stab at cleaning it up? I would appreciate some pointers
> from someone who "gets" this dialog. It sounds like a fun project to me.
> Aaron Lehmann
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