Re: The 1.0 Jobs List ( :-)

Subject: Re: The 1.0 Jobs List ( :-)
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 07:14:22 CDT

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, sam th wrote:

> With suitable apologies to AC, here's what I think Needs To Be Done.
> Features (before 0.9.0)
> --------------------------
> 4) Tabs dialog
> On the abiword-dev IRC channel (which everyone should check out) aaron
> said that he was potentially interested in working on shack's old patch
> for this. However, it isn't really high priority for 1.0
The GUI expects TAB's in a number of place but like Aaron, I'm clueless as
to what you actually use it for :-)

> 5) Any other compatibility/platform issues

As much as I would love a MAC or BE port I can't see this happening
before 1.0. Once 1.0 is out and stable these less popular (with
developers) platforms will have a stable target to shoot at. It appears
Thomas will make sure QNX is ready at the 1.0 release. It would be really
cool to have QNX powered abiword on your fridge :-)

> Bug Fixes (1.0)
> ------------------------------------------
> 1) CRASH bugs
> Currently, bugzilla lists 13 bugs that people (mostly me) have marked
> [CRASH]. I know Ben Hall recently posted a patch to fix 473 (the Be .abw
> save bug). It would be nice to kill most or all of these by 1.0.

There should be 0 crash bugs in 1.0. No 1.0 release with any known crash
bug. We can protect against rouge document import crashes with a segfault
catcher if we have to though clearly it would be best to have importers
that cannot be crashed.
> 4) All the other bugs - about 150
> We've (or mostly Aaron, Martin and Jesper) have made a BIG dent in
> bugzilla recently, but there is still a ways to go. It's all about
> perfection. :-)

I kind of thought than when 0.90 is released we would all go on a bug
squashing frenzy :-)

> 1) Word export
> Thanks to Jaime, this is now in the cards, but probably not before 1.0.
> Round trip is good, right Paul?

It appears this could be in before 1.0. Jamies timeline appears to be a
patch in a month. If we get to 0.9 in a month I'll be impressed :-)

> 3) More GNOME integration
> Here, it would be nice to have the gnome-print support that John Tunison
> created work. Also, component integration with Dia, Gnumeric, etc would
> be good.

I'd really like this, however so far we've ducked the issue of what
happens when it arrives and is not available on the other platforms. Do we
add a "gnome" option in the menu bar of the gnome build? Press the button
and insert other graphics files (jpgs, tiffs,ps, pdf), gnumeric
spreadsheets, gb scripts, perl scripts, python scripts, lisp
scripts,vector graphics, html, database access, minesweeper :-) Edit
graphics files with gimp. This is a really powerful feature to have. It
goes a long way towards making an abi environment superior to MS Office.
In fact the graphics manipulation in gnome already is superior to Office.

Don't forget Lists and I hope to squeeze in colours and more modelessness.



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