LaTeX status report

Subject: LaTeX status report
From: Pierre Abbat (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 17:01:05 CDT

Source downloaded June 12.

Column break: The two columns are both the full width of the page and are
overstruck with each other making an illegible mess starting on the second page.

Column gap: Same sort of mess on the first page.

Page margin left: The margin is wider on the right.

Page margin right: The margin is wider on the left.

Section space, section break: The LaTeX output has misnested tags and LaTeX
choked on it.

Spell check: All the diacritics are there except Esperanto (it says cx, gx,
hx..., and not knowing Esperanto I'm not sure which words should have accents
where) and Russian, which is totally blank except for commas.

Style: The block-text is indented.

Text align: "Left align" appears to be fully justified; the others are working.

Two paragraph style: Looks fine to me.


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