Re: BEOS builds

Subject: Re: BEOS builds
From: James Montgomerie (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 10:40:54 CDT

The problem is on the abi side, not the wv side (see the
attached error). Something in the abi heirachy is
including getopt.h, and it's conflicting with an
already-defined definition of getopt. The solution is
to create a new directory in wv called 'getopt-wv', move
all the files matching getopt* into it, then change line 79 to read:

-I$(srcdir)/ -I$(srcdir)/getopt-wv/ -I$(srcdir)/iconv/
-I$(srcdir)/magick/ -I$(srcdir)/expat/xmlparse/
@TTF_CFLAGS@ @WMF_CFLAGS@ -DTTFDIR=\"$(libdir)/wv/ttf\"

I've tried this on Linux, and both wv and AbiWord still
build. I think it will fix BeOS PPC. Whether we want a
BeOS 0.7.10, with all the reported 'usability' problems,
is another matter :-(


### mwcc Compiler Error:
# extern int getopt ();
# ^
# illegal function overloading
Line 122
# while compiling

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