BEOS builds

Subject: BEOS builds
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 08:33:08 CDT

Hi guys,

I have an idea as to how to fix the BeOS PPC build to get things to compile
but no way to test things. Maybe someone could help me out.

The problem is a redefinition of getopt()'s function prototype in wv/getopt.h
On UNIX builds, getopt is usually defined in stdio.h and stdlib.h. Its
prototype is either:
  1) int getopt(int, char *const *, const char *); //gnu C
  2) int getopt(); //non-gnu C

In getopt.h in the wv tree is declaring 'int getopt()' while (i believe) one
of stdlib.h||stdio.h is declaring the other signature.

The possible solutions:
  1) try not compiling in wv's getopt if you're using BeOS
  2) in wv/getopt.[ch] try adding an #ifdef or two to the order of
        #if defined(__BEOS__) && defined(__PPC__)
                int getopt(int, char *const *, const char *);

I prefer solution #2 but don't have a box to test on && don't know what symbols
BeOS defines(__BEOS__ is just a guess).

Here's to green trees,

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