Re: RTF import

Subject: Re: RTF import
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 02:35:16 CDT

According to Hisham Muhammad <>:
> Earlier this week I downloaded a nightly build from Sam's page and
> noticed
> that the RTF importing still has the same problem the exporter had (the
> exporter is already fixed).
> 1) Write something with an accented word followed by a space, such as
> Isto é estranho
> 2) save as RTF and open it. It will appear as
> Isto éestranho

I do have an AbiWord build from Friday, and I couldn't reproduce your

> I can't see a situation where this behavior (skipping the space) is
> desired. My sources are a bit outdated, but here it's in the line 292.

This is a recent fix. Please make sure youu have the latest source tree.


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