More to do with #858(was: commit -- (even) More #891 stuff)

Subject: More to do with #858(was: commit -- (even) More #891 stuff)
From: Paul Egli (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 10:22:40 CDT

At 10:33 PM 6/8/00 +0000, you wrote:
>> I've also got a few multi-column tricks up my sleeve, but that might be for
>> who marked bug 858 as QA to Verify/Fixed.
>If it's a bug in the top ruler, I probably have something to do with it

This shouldn't be too hard to reproduce (if only I knew what those widgets
were called)...

(1) Create a new document.
(2) Make it 2-column.
(3) Move the right margin triangle of the left column to the 2 inch mark.
(4) There's a widget between the columns that sort of defines the distance
between the columns. You can widen or shorten it by dragging around the
ends of it. When you do this it moves the right margin of the left column
(and the left margin of the right column). Now extend this widget to its
maximum width.

When you did this, it moved the left column's right margin past the left
margin, crashing AbiWord.

First of all, the defining limit of how wide you can extend the widget
should include the margin triangles (right now it takes into account
neither the left or right margins). Secondly, I think that you should be
able to see the triangle being moved in real-time as you drag that other
column spacing thing. Thirdly, when the user is adjusting it, you must
consider the margin triangles of the inactive column(s) as well as the
active one, even though the user cannot see them.

Another minor annoyance I found: extend that space-between-columns widget
to it's maximum width. Now instead of grabbing the end of it, click on it
near its center and move it around before releasing it. The graphics from
when it was really wide don't get erased until you release the mouse button.

Bug 858 also notes that "there are a variety of ways to make this crash
occur by dragging the page margins first, then selecting multi-column." An
easy way to reproduce this is to create a new document, move the right
margin triangle as far left as you can, then select 2-columns.

-Paul Egli

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