wheel mouse support?

Subject: wheel mouse support?
From: Christopher T. Lansdown (lansdoct@screech.cs.alfred.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 09:21:31 CDT

        I'm running 0.7.9 out of the standard debian package, and noticed
that abiword does not scroll the main window with the mouse wheel (or more
technically buttons 4 and 5). Is this just a peculiarity of the build that
I'm using or has this (I hope simple) functionality simply not been added
yet? If it hasn't been added yet, is there anything int he behavior of
abiword which would make it harder than it seems to add it? Thanks.
P.S. does the windows version of abiword also use gtk? I apologize for my
ignorance but I don't know where to look this up aside from reading through
the source.

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