windows build working again -- final HOWTO

Subject: windows build working again -- final HOWTO
From: Jeremy Sheeley (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 08:53:53 CDT

The windows tinderbox build is working again. Shaw and I upgraded the
machine per the instructions below. Note that these instructions are
for building with VC 5.0. Most other compilers will look a lot like
this, I think. Below is the final version of the HOWTO. I'll see if I
can get this up on the web site so that newbies can build abiword
easily. This document would be _much_ longer if it weren't for Michael

How to set up your windows environment to compile AbiWord.

Step 1: Install the latest version of cygwin (1.1.2)
   1. Create a new directory.
   2. Download
into the new directory.
   3. Open a command prompt and cd to the directory that contains the
setup.exe program.
   4. Run .\setup.exe
   5. Choose the directory where the cygwin environment will be
installed (the default of C:\cygwin should work fine).
   6. You might be asked how to mount directories. If you are, pick Text
   7. Pick internet install (the current directory install is good for
situations where you are reinstalling cygwin).
   8. Pick the mirror that you like best.
   9. Wait for the rest of cygwin to be downloaded and installed.

Step 2:
   Steps 1-3 are no longer needed, as cygwin is now officially at 1.1.2.
   4. You should now be able to start a cygwin session (using the
Start/Programs/Cygnus Solutions/Cygwin 1.1.0 shortcut).
   5. Verify that uname -r gives you 1.1.2 followed by some stuff in

Step 3: Get the source.

   1. See for information on
how to get the abiword source. Note that you will need all of the
extras like zlib, libiconv, etc. Make sure that you get them.

Put all of the sources under c:/abisource. This will probably be the
best place for it. You can put the source under the cygwin hierarchy if
you have the cygwin directories mounted in textmode. Use the command:

c:/cygwin/bin/umount / ; c:/cygwin/bin/mount -t c:/cygwin /

to remount in textmode. NOTE: that's only necessary if you have the
source under / as opposed to under c:/.

Step 4: Build the source.

   1. Be optimistic. Try going into the c:/abisource/abi directory and

That probably worked. If not, email and we'll
to figure out what's up.

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