Modeless Word Count for Windows?

Subject: Modeless Word Count for Windows?
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 19:30:58 CDT

Has someone implemented Modeless Word Count for Windows? We can't release
0.7.10 until it is in place. (Instant segfault for sure if it's not in

BTW Word97 has a Modal Word Count so with Word97 you can't watch your
progress towards a 1000 Word Eassay in real time.

Also a student handed me an abstract written in Word 97. He appologized
for not putting bar's above his symbols for anti-neutrinos coz Word97
didn't do it. I told him to use AbiWord. I *knew* Overline was useful
feature. It made my day :-)

So that's at least two things we do better than Word. Of ourse our
scrolling model is much better than their's too. It's so much nicer
to scroll in real time. I think the gnumeric guys should follow
suit instead of following excell's delayed scrolling model.
(Gnumeric, Word97 and excel only scroll after the scroll bar is released
- yuk)



(Feeling happy right now. I thnik I've got rid of all cursor dirt commit
later today I hope)

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