commit -- sample documents with fields

Subject: commit -- sample documents with fields
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 16:28:47 CDT

Basic test documents with one of each field.

  A abi/test/wp/fields.doc
  A abi/test/wp/fields.rtf


1. They're ugly. A more exhaustive set of test documents (covering more
switches and options) will be needed later. For now, I've included no
arguments to any of the fields, which means that many of them fail outright
for lack of required arguments.

2. The list is intended to be comprehensive for testing purposes. However,
we certainly will not implement all of these fields for 1.0, if ever.

3. The Word97 variant includes some dumb VB macros which were used to
originally populate the document. They're not really needed any more, but I
figured it'd be a good test of our ability to ignore macros (and their
associated viruses).

4. It was nice to notice that they both import cleanly using a post-0.7.9
build, though.


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