Re: commit -- Goto dialog box and (light) changes to the modeless code

Subject: Re: commit -- Goto dialog box and (light) changes to the modeless code
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 10:32:12 CDT

Hi Joaquin,
           I'm fixing your goto dialog.There were a number of little
problems with the modeless operation. It should be ready by tomorrow.
Just some quick points.

I removed all the code in useStart and useEnd for the generic
xap_Dialog_modeless. Your code caused asserts upon multiple activation.

In ap_EditMethods you should do a check for pDialog->isRunning() to see if
the dialog is currently invoked. If it is just activate the dialog,
otherwise build it via the runModeless() invocation. I guess I should have
called that function buildModelessDialog() since that is what it really

In ap_UnixDialog_Goto.cpp I removed to the call to

since that prevents focus from returning to a main abi frame. I also
modified the view setting code to increase its level of paranoia about
always getting a valid frame pointer and to allow automatic swithcing
between multiple frames.

Next on my todo list is to put in some code to automatically update the
label of the dialog to show the current active document - Like "Insert

I can think of some succinct text to tell the user how to use the dialog
but I'm not sure we want to clutter up the dialog with additional text.
Is it better to have this in a help file?

I will commit all this tomorrow. It should be pretty good by then :-)

Finally the goto dialog leaves cursor dirt everywhere. Someone should look
to see if we can get rid of it. That's a problem for the view code

Anyway, good luck with your exam!



PS. For some strange reason the gnome build gives a segfault on startup.
The unix build works fine. Maybe I had some left over files. I'll check
tomorrow on my fast workstation.

On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Joaquín Cuenca Abela wrote:

> Goto dialog box for Unix.
> This dialog has a number of (know) problems, but they will be solved
> quickier if the dialog box resides in CVS (it compiles only with the
> DEBUG version). And even with these problems, the dialog box is
> usable :)
> The main changes between this version and the last version (not
> commited to CVS) is that now this dialog box is modeless (the
> modeless code of this dialog box doesn't work 100% correctly, but I
> have to sleep and study :), all the strings are i18n, and light
> changes to the GUI.

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