FreeBSD version (was Re: Type 1 postscript font support questions...)

Subject: FreeBSD version (was Re: Type 1 postscript font support questions...)
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 14:10:38 CDT

At 05:37 AM 6/5/00 -0500, Mike Meyer wrote:
>Martin Sevior writes:
>> > Martin Sevior writes:
>> > As for using the current CVS tree - will it build on FreeBSD as is?
>> > The FreeBSD ports tree uses 0.7.9, and includes ~150 lines of patches.
>> One of the tinderbox builds is a freebsd machine so I'm quite sure freebsd
>> CVS is fine :-) At least tinerbox reports a machine as freebsd machine.
>Well, it doesn't build on mine. I'm running 4.0-RELEASE. The fix isn't
>obvious - the file that the compile fails on is identical to the one
>in the ports tree - I'm going to keep working on it.


Sounds like that may be the problem -- AFAIK, Holdsworth is running 3.4
instead of 4.0. Ideally, we'd be releasing sources which build cleanly on
both versions, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's not true.

Does anyone know whether those patches also build on earlier versions of
FreeBSD, or is an upgrade to 4.0 required?

I'm also not clear on whether we can safely expect most FreeBSD to have
already upgraded to 4.0, or are we going to have to make the usual tough
choice about whether to force the rest to upgrade?

>If someone were interested in fixing this, I could mail them the
>patches in the ports tree to look at.

I'm 2000 miles away from that build machine, so I'll pass. ;-)


PS: As soon as someone volunteers to be the maintainer of the FreeBSD
builds, we'll happily defer to their decisions on issues like this. (hint,

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