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Subject: Re: I hope this question is in the right forum
From: Robert Sievers (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 09:35:16 CDT

At 12:21 PM 5/22/00 -0400, stefano2 wrote:
>I would like to find the button that gets rid of the "ovr" button which
>seemed to go on magically
>and cant find solution in help or cant use Word formulas for making it go
>away. Thanks.
>Steven Brier

Overwrite mode happens when you hit the Insert key. (This key is located
right above the delete key on my keyboard.) The Insert key sets up a
toggle mode between overwrite and insert. The default is insert. If you
hit the Insert key and switch from INS to OVR, just hit the Insert key
again to switch back.

This reminds me, what is the current status on both OVR and VI/EMACS
keybindings mode being in the preferences? At last check, the variable
that allows switching of keybindings wasn't in the preferences file. Note,
I am not saying it should be enabled in the preferences, I am saying it
should exist and be disabled. Right now, it doesn't even appear in the
default preferences.

Robert Sievers
Open Source Evangelist

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