fields -- known bugs in the existing implementation

Subject: fields -- known bugs in the existing implementation
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 19:43:18 CDT

In general, the existing preliminary implementation didn't thoroughly
address a number of subtle UI issues, such as:

  - interaction with inherited formatting
  - field-specific context menus
  - update frequency
  - cursor size and motion
  - click semantics
  - etc.

I doubt that there's been an exhaustive enumeration of all the related
defects, but several have been explicitly mentioned on the list:

  Bob: Field-related bugs

  Sam: 2 field bugs (cursor and update)

Rather than trying to fix any of these now, I just intend to use them to
help specify the intended behavior for the new implementation.

Ditto for any new fields-related bug reports which may crop up in the mean
time (hint, hint).


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