Re: Test post, and a few Q's about the BeOS port..

Subject: Re: Test post, and a few Q's about the BeOS port..
From: sam th (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 07:27:37 CDT

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On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Ben Hall wrote:

> 3) (Not a BE QUESTION..) I remember reading a while ago about turning
> Abi into a general XML editor, has any work been done on that? That'd
> be fantastic!

As the XML geek around here, I'll answer this.

I would put lots of money on this not happening. Structured XML editing
is hard. It requires an entirely different paradigm and set of structures
than word processing. For example, the current piece table back end is
very flat, and shoehorning nested XML into it would be *very* painful.
AbiWord is good for editing ABW format documents, and documents with nice
mappings to said format (such as other word processor formats). If you
need to edit general XML (perhaps based on a DTD or schema), there are
lots of good tools out ther. For example, a Java-based editor named
Merlot (open-source too) was recently mentioned on
Hope that isn't too discouraging.

> Anyway, thanks for your time, and for the great program. I hope I can
> help,

Thanks. We hope you can help too. AFAIK (which is not very far) there
hasn't been much BeOS development recently, but it would be nice to see
that pick up.

> Ben

                                     sam th
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