Re: autoconf

Subject: Re: autoconf
From: Joaquin Cuenca (
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 16:50:24 CDT

There is a simpler solution.
Just don't touch the actual makefiles.
If somebody doesn't have automake, he can use the
actual makefiles, if somebody has automake, he can use
./configure to create a set of makefiles and compile
from these makefiles.

P.S.: Goran, if you want, there is a third technology
that is used in gnome and not in AbiWord: gettext. I
(personally) will be very grateful with a working
patch to change the actual system with gettext (that
works in windows...).

--- Aaron Lehmann <> wrote:
> Unfortunately not, becuase ./configure configures
> the makefile to work on
> the system you run it on.
> On Sat, 22 Jul 2000, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> > I agree we Automake it easier to rebuild AbiWord,
> but not everyone has
> > Automake. Can we use Automake to make a Makefile
> that has all the dependencies,
> > then distribute the Makefile?
> >
> > phma
> >
> >

Joaquin Cuenca Abela

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