Re: Dialog Shots

Subject: Re: Dialog Shots
From: Thomas Fletcher (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 06:41:11 CDT

On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Martin Sevior wrote:
> The goto dialog is stable and basically finished. I will make some more
> changes to the lists dialog Real Soon Now. I plan to change the layout a
> bit and to include a new feature. Screen shots of the goto and list
> dialogs are included in this email. The new lists dialog will be
> ===================================================
> | Start | List Type | Starting Value |
> | new List | | |
> ===================================================
> | Stop List | Resume List |
> ===================================================
> | Change | List Type | Starting Value |
> | Current List | | |
> ===================================================
> | Apply | Close |
> ===================================================

May I make the slight suggestion that we change/re-order
some of the things in this dialog (assuming that we are
going to keep this dialog the way it is now).

Most of our current dialogs, and most dialogs in general
(IMHO) put status information at the top of the dialog.

So I would suggest that we change this around a bit:

Current List:
         Type: XXXXXX Value: XXXXX
() Current List () Create New List
List Type: [Drop Down] Start Value: [Text Area]
[Stop List But] [Apply Changes But] [Close But]

I don't know that this is really any better, but it is
my two cents about organizing this dialog. When you
come into the dialog, if you are already in a list
then the "Current List" radio is selected and you
are effectively changing the features of this list.
If you want to create a new list then you toggle the
Create new list, set the values as appropriate and
hit apply (obviously we would disable the Stop
List button when create new list is selected).
This dialog doesn't have a "Resume" button, but I'm
not sure that I understand why you would need a
resume button. Presumably you would just place your
cursor into the list and you would be back in "list

  What does the Word dialog look like. To tell
you the truth, I'm actually a big fan of their
"promote/demote" list buttons which allow you to
create sublists just by demoting and to merge lists
just by promoting sections.

  All handled by four buttons (bullet, number,
promote, demote) and a configuration to set the
list styles (indent, charactter values etc).

Just my two cents! I'm very happy to see you chugging
away at this Martin!


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