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Subject: Re: development environments
From: Ben Hall (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 07:54:54 CDT


The BeOS PE can have development tools, it's just a
seperate 30MB download. If I were you, I'd stick with
PE, as the Pro version hasn't been worth the money I

Anyway, in BeOS 5 PE you can easily set it up to either
work as a file (Like QNX) or as a seperate partition.
I'f you'd like help/URL's to set this up, I'd be happy
to assist off the list.

BTW Thomas, do you have any idea when QNX stuff they've
promised on their site will be released? I'm quite
anxious to give it a spin.


Quoting Thomas Fletcher <>:

> On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, WJCarpenter wrote:
> > I'm about the change the laptop where I currently
"live", and the new
> > one will have a lot more disk space. If I wanted to
sooner or later
> > set up BeOS and/or QNX environments sufficient to
build Abi, what size
> > partitions would I likely need? I will also have
one or more Win32
> > partitions for other reasons, but I think I have the
Abi info for
> > that. It may take a little longer to set up the
MacOS environment on
> > my laptop. :-)
> >
> > Of course, the follow-on questions are along the
lines of "what's the
> > path of least resistance to installing BeOS and/or
QNX for this
> > purpose?" My intent would be to do builds for my
own regression
> > testing, "light" porting, cross-platform feature
comparison, etc.
> For QNX Realtime Platform you can install directly to
a partition
> or you can install into a file living inside your
windows filesystem.
> Your choice. I find the windows file particularily
> since it means no re-partitioning and allows me to
actually have
> several different configurations of the same OS on the
> machine very easily.
> For BeOS you will want to have your own partition if
you are
> going with the full release. I believe that the free
> will live in a Windows file similar to the QNX one,
but when
> it was first released it didn't have the development
tools. This
> may have changed since I looked at the first early
> Note that the QNX/Photon and BeOS ports are the poor
> of the Windows and Linux builds right now (though the
> port isn't really all that far behind).
> Thomas

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