Re: Win32 Insert Picture Preview Screen Shot

Subject: Re: Win32 Insert Picture Preview Screen Shot
From: Michael D. Pritchett (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 00:52:56 CDT

> I went to check in the screen shot for it, when I was caught by something
> little odd. The action buton which actually puts the picture into the
> AbiWord document window says "Save". This is very much a misnomer. It
> should either say "Open", "Insert", or "Ok.". I would prefer "Insert",
> could be easily persuaded to something else. "Save", though, is clearly
> not it.
> Robert Sievers
> Open Source Evangelist

Okay I saw that one after testing it last night. Thomas Briggs noticed it
too. I'll either submit the fix tonight (hopefully) or Thomas said he would
do it tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvience.


Michael D. Pritchett

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