OT: News from Paul Rohr

Subject: OT: News from Paul Rohr
From: Eric W. Sink (eric@sourcegear.com)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 17:08:06 CDT

Most folks involved in the AbiWord project know who Paul
Rohr is, so I think it appropriate to pass along the
following tidbit of personal news:

Paul and his wife Kathy Evans are the proud parents of twin

I'm a guy, so the few details I do have are really quite
sketchy. I believe the names are Bryn and Maya, but I heard
them over the phone in kind of a hurry. They were born a
couple of weeks ago, each of them at 6 lb and change.
Mother and babies are both doing well, as I'm told.

Paul wasn't quite certain that becoming a new father with
twins was enough stress, so he and Kathy decided to move
to a new house during the same week as the delivery. However,
the moving process apparently suffered a glitch: He has
been completely without email, Internet or phone access
of any kind, until today. That's why this breaking news
bulletin is a full two weeks after the event. :-)

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