Re: ellipsis in switch statements

Subject: Re: ellipsis in switch statements
From: Michael D. Pritchett (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 21:45:35 CDT

> On approximately line 600 of abi/src/wv/text.c is the following chunk
> code:
> case 0x9f ... 0xff:
> printf("%c", char16);
> return(1);
> First of all, I will openly admit that I'm not a C++ guy. I like
> classes. That's about as far as I go into the deep dark world of C++.
> I have to imagine that this is valid C++, or AbiWord wouldn't build on
> platforms.
> However, I'm as certain as I am that I'm breathing that this is invalid
> C, and that that's why it won't compile on Win32 (the VC++ compiler gets
> picky due to the file extension). So my question is, what's the best fix
> for this? Thus far all I've come up with is putting
> if( (char16 >= 0x9f) && (char16 <= 0xff) )
> {
> printf("%c", char16);
> return(1);
> }
> at the top of the function and commenting out the offending block. Is
> a more elegant solution that I'm missing? Is this in some strange world
> valid C? Am I missing something really obvious?
> Your friendly annoying "the Win32 build is broken" guy,
> -Tom

Obvious fix - rename file to .cpp and the Win32 build works.


Michael D. Pritchett

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