Re: Cursor movement

Subject: Re: Cursor movement
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 18:10:51 CDT

sam th wrote:
> If you are interested in cursor movement stuff, I suggest checking out
> Mike Nordell's Cursor Class patch, which I will find and put in my patch
> archive soon. He had to do work for money, and left the list soon after
> posting the patch, but I think it had potential.

There's always place for improvements, but as a first shot at it I didn't
think it was too bad. :-)

IIRC Jesper Skov made some (massive?) cleanup regarding runs, fl_Layout and
so on, and if that's the case the cursor stuff are probably even less fit
for public consumption than it was at the time. Maybe even misleading. But
besides these points, that code might contain some good ideas.

I'm still on the list and read it from time to time, though the (somedays
massive) amount might get me to miss something. I hope to back to contribute
before 0.7.11, but I wouldn't hold my breath at this time.


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