BeOS version of AbiWord (plz read)

Subject: BeOS version of AbiWord (plz read)
From: Ithamar R. Adema (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 15:53:10 CDT

Hi All,

There are some relatively large issues still pending for the BeOS build, but I think I found a big one (concerning all crashes entered into Bugzilla for BeOS build) which happens to be related to the Timer mechanism used...

Now I'm no win32 expert (anymore), but I was wondering if it is possible in Win32 to trigger 2 timer functions at virtually the same time.....

It looks like the screen redraw code path of AbiWord gets called from the timer fire methods before an earlier fire was finished. This means that the screen redraw code gets called before it was finished and I've got a feeling that that code is not re-entrant.

Can anybody give a clear explanation on the timer mechanism and/or whether AbiWord code is (meant to be) re-entrant?



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