Re: ZAP: POW -- make translated dialogs fit (step 1)

Subject: Re: ZAP: POW -- make translated dialogs fit (step 1)
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 13:07:49 CST

At 05:28 PM 1/27/00 -0700, Owen Stenseth wrote:
>This is my first contribution of this kind to open source development. I
>owe a lot to Perl, I have been programming with it for over 8 years now.
>So I give back to this project in this small way.

Thanks, Owen!

>I also do not know what is suitable for attachments on this list.

The main goal is to make sure that you share it *somehow* so that anyone
who's interested can see what you've done. That way, if they've got ideas
on how to improve it, they can do so.

Some folks who have web space of their own tend to post stuff there for
anyone who's interested to come and grab. Others just send things to the
list as an attachment. If you do this, please copy so
we don't lose track of it.

Or, if you're concerned that the attachment is too big, you can always send
it directly to Shaw, Bob, or me.


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