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Subject: [msevior@mccubbin.ph.unimelb.edu.au: Re: overline?]
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 18:34:05 CST

Just so the list knows a little more about the "overline" feature. I asked
Martin why it's useful.

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Ah well as I said it was useful to me and maybe a few thousand Physicists
and Mathemeticians. I would use it for representing anti-particles. An
anti-proton would be a "P" with an overline over it. I now have to write
grant proposals in MS word format which does not have overline. It was a
real pain having to paste in mathematical text every time I wanted to talk
about a specific anti-particle. It would make much more sense to write a
latex document but the Australian Granting agency distributes everything
in MS word format document with tables, templates etc etc.

I'm "scratching my own" itch and learning a lot. It has been fun. Next I
want to correctly implement "insert symbol". You may have noticed that I'm
interested in symbol fonts. After that I want to help out in getting an
equation editor going. Lyx has a really good one. There is a GNOME project
to make one and Mozilla has MathML display abilities so there is plenty of
places to steal code and/or encourage developers to contribute. I have to
learn a whole lot though. It would be great to use Abiword for next years
grant applications which is my personal goal.



On Mon, 17 Jan 2000 sterwill@abisource.com wrote:

> This isn't really code-related, but what in the world is overline
> used for? :) It's part of the CSS 1 and 2 specs, but it's not
> in any HTML specs I can find.
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> Shaw Terwilliger

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Shaw Terwilliger

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