re: IBM Project on Unicode

Subject: re: IBM Project on Unicode
Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 06:07:39 CST


In my own consulting project, I've been using the Xerces XML library which was
originally written by IBM, and called XML4C.

It uses Unicode throughout. If you ever need to put ASCII text into it, you call:

XMLCh *ustr = XMLString::transcode( "hello, world" );

then pass that unicode string into the xerces library and it does its thing,
and transcode back out.

It was really annoying to me at first, because they have a choice of transcoding
services and some are platform-specific, and getting it all to work right was a pain.

But I recognize that doing it all in unicode from the very start is really the way to
go in the long run. It allowed me to suggest to my client that we could support
her product in Japanese someday.

Xerces is at It's a lot bigger than expat but I understand
does a lot more too - for example, it's a validating parser. It has the Apache

Mike Crawford
GoingWare - Expert Software Development and Consulting

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