Backspace spellcheck bug

Subject: Backspace spellcheck bug
From: Pierre Abbat (
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 00:38:25 CST

I am using 0.7.8, installed from the RPM, and I have noticed that backspacing
and retyping part of a word causes the other part to have a squiggly,
indicating that it is misspelled, and a spurious letter appears at the
beginning of the line. The saved file appears correct.

Type the following, where \ means the backspace key:
b\believe be\elieve bel\lieve beli\ieve belie\eve believ\ve believe\e
The fourth, fifth, and seventh words have squiggly lines under them. If I
right-click the squiggly, it acts as if I had typed "bel", "beli", or "believ",
and attempts to correct it. This results in nonwords such as "belieeve". Typing
"beli" by itself does not result in a squiggly line, but a spell check catches

By the way, "bel" is a word; it means a power ratio of ten.


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