Re: Page Numbers

Subject: Re: Page Numbers
From: Logan Hall (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 13:24:04 CST

Matthew Stapleton wrote:

> Are page numbers going to be implemented soon?

They are implemented but right now there isn't a way to insert them in
AbiWord... you have to hack the .abw file by hand.

> I hope so. I just
> started using Abiword seriously for the past two weeks. Used it before,
> but did not figure it was worth the time. I am planning on using it
> mostly to type college papers. Of course most professors want page
> numbers, so it would be nice if this was included soon.

Check out that link.. it should help you insert them until we get the gui
insert of it done.

> Another good
> feature would an easy way to make outlines, like Word Perfect has in
> their WP.
> just some thoughts,
> Matthew
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