RE: build problem on windows

Subject: RE: build problem on windows
From: Henrik Berg (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 04:59:47 CST

> I am currently getting some build problems on Windows.
> xap_Win32Frame.cpp
> /abisource/build/abi/src/af/ev/win\ev_Win32Keyboard.h(28) : fatal error
> C1083: C
> annot open include file: 'iconv.h': Permission denied

Sorry, I did not make a clean build after I made the s_iconv handler into a m_iconv member. In that change I had to move include "iconv.h" to the ev_Win32Keyboard.h header file and after that every file includeing ev_Win32Keyboard.h needs to know the /libiconv/include/iconv.h path.

I fix this, in one way or another.

> I don't think I have tried to compile since the checkin regarding the fix
> for missing LPNMTBCUSTOMDRAW. Is this something relating to that goofy bar
> behind the font dialog, and my system lacking some version of some Windows
> DLL required now to build?

Nothing to do with it. I removed the use LPNMTBCUSTOMDRAW since I only realt needed the smaller LPNMCUSTOMDRAW. What your system is "lacking" is some new defines and structs in header files, but that is good, since the plan is to be VC 5.0 compatible.


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