Re: patch -- tools menu (wordcount POW)

Subject: Re: patch -- tools menu (wordcount POW)
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 22:41:53 CST

sam th wrote:
> The options and spelling items have been removed from the edit menu.
> While I haven't written the word count suff, that's the next step.
> Thanks to everyone who helped me muddle through the i18n issues.

The patch looks good, but it doesn't apply very cleanly here. There
are a few rejects in ap_EditMethods.cpp (which seem to stem from some
recent changes there), but also, I had a very tough time feeding the
patch through "patch". I haven't had any trouble in the past, but from
wherever I ran patch, it couldn't find the files in the tree without
asking me.

Could you try to re-sync and fire the patch over again? I'd like to
get it committed, but I'm not sure what's different about this patch
that's confusing my binary.

Shaw Terwilliger

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