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Subject: RE: menus and languages
From: sam th (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 16:26:29 CST

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On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Henrik Berg wrote:

> > Currently, for strings, if one is not defined, we fall
> > back to english. But for menu items, they all have to be defined for all
> > the languages we have. If this is inevitable, then I would appreciate
> > help getting this patch translated in to all the different languages. If
> > it is not, then what coding needs to be done in this area?
> Is this so? When overline and sub/superscript was new, the where not pressent in all languages (and still isn't). This worked to compile, but a missing menu becomes "TODO".
> I haven't looked at this, but there must be a way.
> What compiler error do you get? If you add one language besides EnUS dose it compile? Maybe there is error in one language?
> --hb
I can see where the misunderstanding is coming from. In the origianl word
ocunt POW, shaw asked the coder to create a new tools menu, which would
have spellcheck, options and wordcount in it. therefore, i took out the
edit_spell and replaced it with a tools_spell. Thus, the translations can
no longer find references in for the menu items they have. There is no
real way to get them to compile, short of removing spellcheck an options.
The other alternative is to have me edit all the translation files, which
I am willing to do, but I would think it risky to have me editing them for
langauges that I cannot test. But I will try.
                                     sam th
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