Re: factors to consider for the Mac port

Subject: Re: factors to consider for the Mac port
From: Bryan Prusha (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 11:16:33 CST

>>and Mac
>>users don't expect (for good reason) a bunch of tiny support files to
>>go with every app.
> If they are in a folder, it doesn't matter. It's no different
>than any other kind of plug-in, AND it means less platform-centric code we
>have to worry about...

        I agree. I complained earlier about installers throwing
files/extensions/DLLs throughout your system, but I did leave room for
application layouts. I think keeping localization in a seperate file is
quite practical. In order to update the translation or grab another
localization all that is needed to be done is to grab a single file and
place it in the layout. Users would never have to muck about in the
resoureces and installers are not necessary, only a ReadMe with a couple
simple file placement issues. For that matter, Carbon packages are
designed to completely abstract away the concept of application w/ layout
to the user. A package is basically a folder with application and layout
within, except when the user double clicks the package, it behaves as the
application would normally and the user never knows that it's not an
application that "just works". Cool, huh?

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