Re: commit -- fixed #522

Subject: Re: commit -- fixed #522
From: Daniel Weber (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 22:42:53 CST wrote:

> It was such an easy fix to a silly little mistake. We were letting
> GTK have all keypresses with all MOD keys turned on. I had no
> idea MOD5 was usually used for Num Lock (and MOD3 for Scroll Lock,
> says xkeycaps), since I never keep it on. This bug was a 5 minute
> fix--I can't believe it stuck around this long before someone noticed
> it was a numlock related bug.
> --
> Shaw Terwilliger

Is the patch committed? I'd like to see what you changed. I've spent
the last hour mucking with the toolbar text boxes and I'm amazed how
many times the handler gets called. On my system, a blue box (usually
focus) is around the box forever (or until you click on another one) and
a lot of keys, numlock on or no, trigger the handler for selection
changed. The '-' key and backspace in particular. But clicking
anywhere in the text gets it too. Strangely enough, selecting a zoom
change causes a selection change event in all the boxes, while changing
to header one only triggers header and font.

I'd just convinced myself something deep and strange was going on - Ill
be glad to be corrected....

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