Re: image handling (svg)

Subject: Re: image handling (svg)
From: Justin Bradford (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 19:34:40 CST

> That would be my call for any/all of the vector formats we
> want to support - render on load into PNG to ease display, but keep
> the original data around for external data xfer operations.

Ok, that is a better idea than what I was originally thinking.

So really, we just want:
other vector formats->SVG

for import, and


for rendering.

The vector image class in AbiWord could then just be a subclass of the
normal image class, containg a buffer with the original SVG XML. Copying,
editing (via component), and saving would use this XML and the associated
PNG byte buffer would be updated/generated by it and the SVG->PNG routine.

How does this sound to everyone else?

Also, does SVG describe animation or interactivity? Do we want AbiWord to
concern itself with these things?


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